True Beauty

Everyday we are indoctrinated with messages of doom and gloom by social media.  The picture predominantly is bleak and hopeless.  There are many times I feel like packing up my family, including my husband, my mother suffering with Alzheimer’s and two fur-child’s to move to a sunny, beachy, yet simpler life.  I fantasize about sitting on a quiet beach, selling fresh coconuts, breathing in the salt air and watching the sun dance across the turquoise waters.  Truly my family and I could be content with the bare necessities as long as we had each other, and some sunscreen. 🙂

Recently I read on Facebook that our new President was going to be turning Medicaid over to the States.  Immediately, my mind escaped into terror of living in a “red” State and what would happen to Medicaid if the State had complete control over it.  You see, Medicaid has been a life-saver for my mother and our family.  We fought for ten months, to obtain a Medicaid waiver to support community based funding for the elderly.  It was the only way I could keep my mother at home and not ending up in a nursing home.  At 64 years of age, she deserved just a little more time of freedom.  This Medicaid waiver program pays for my mom to attend a full time day care five days a week, daily transportation to and from home and in-home caregiving when my husband and I are working.  This program and access to this program has saved our lives.

As my mind began making up plan B, plan C, all the way to plan Z, something came over me.  I mentally stopped the message.  I looked up and out and noticed the beauty around me.  I saw blue skies, fluffy clouds, smiling faces passing by.  I felt this sense of peace when I stopped the “message.”  Surviving is not thriving. Reacting to a message of despair and then acting on that despair will keep us bound by something that “might happen”, “could happen”, and then we miss the present beauty all around us.

The beauty I see today can determine how I live my life tomorrow.  The perception of the reality is determined by the world you choose to live in. Be apart of the beauty that cannot be bought, cannot be touched, but felt deep within your soul. Change the message. Be the messenger of beauty that this world so needs.


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