Aging Policy Briefing/Meeting in DC 4/13/17

Monday, April 3: On Monday morning, the Aging and Disability Business Institute will host a pre-conference intensive, CBO Opportunities in Health Care Payment and Delivery Systems, aimed at helping CBOs understand and recognize business opportunities within an evolving health care landscape as CMS moves toward alternative payment methods tied to values and outcomes. Monday afternoon, the Aging Policy Briefing formally begins. Attendees will dive into health care and aging policy analysis and updates from the new Administration and Capitol Hill. n4a may host a Capitol Hill Reception on Monday night for APB attendees and their Members of Congress.

Tuesday, April 4: Attendees will convene bright and early to continue the policy briefing before advocates deploy to Capitol Hill Tuesday afternoon for meetings with Representatives and Senators. Please note that advocates will be setting up their own visits.

Click to access 2017%20APB%20Agenda%20Draft_Website.pdf



Published by Heather Oglesby

A woman full of life, love and adventure. I seek joy in pain, growth in stagnation, peace in fear, and freedom of boundaries. I am working professional, full-time caregiver, fitness enthusiast, creative chef, world traveler and I stand in purpose. I am an advocate for those impacted by dementia, focusing my attention on caregivers, who lead us in this battle everyday, without need for applause.

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