Caregiver Resilience

In the two years of caregiving for a loved one with Alzheimers, I truly feel as though our family has uncovered a strength like no other, a rope of resilience, that has kept us humble and determined to survive.  Using your story to bring awareness to a key issue and bring hope to others is the least one can do in the face of hardship.

I woke this morning with the greatest blessing in seeing our story posted on the Option B website.  What a validating feeling it is to know that your suffering can lead to someone else’s victory!

Published by Heather Oglesby

A woman full of life, love and adventure. I seek joy in pain, growth in stagnation, peace in fear, and freedom of boundaries. I am working professional, full-time caregiver, fitness enthusiast, creative chef, world traveler and I stand in purpose. I am an advocate for those impacted by dementia, focusing my attention on caregivers, who lead us in this battle everyday, without need for applause.

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