The below is a great link to read about more stories on caregiving from the voices of the caregivers themselves.  Please check out for more information on the latest Alzheimer’s research from around the world.

Being Patient Voices



Published by Heather Oglesby

A woman full of life, love and adventure. I seek joy in pain, growth in stagnation, peace in fear, and freedom of boundaries. I am working professional, full-time caregiver, fitness enthusiast, creative chef, world traveler and I stand in purpose. I am an advocate for those impacted by dementia, focusing my attention on caregivers, who lead us in this battle everyday, without need for applause.

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  1. i went through having both parents needing me at once- 2010 with my mom having Alzheimers. Yep, you lose your mind for sure, but my parents had become my best friends and needed me to be Mother… I also have a blog… there are so many of us


    1. I always say caregiving is about love and loss, joy and despair, but most of all it’s about self-sacrifice. Thank you for being the person who set aside their own life and desires to care for your loved ones. I’ll che k out your blog. Thank you for reaching out…sending many hugs your way! ❤️


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