The Healing Power of Silence

“Silence isn’t empty, but yet full of answers.”  How many times in your day do you hear silence?  Yes, I said “hear silence.”  Everyday we are bombarded by the texts, emails and calls pulsating through our phones.  You turn on the TV to hear the recent reality show drama, the days events full of crime, murder,Continue reading “The Healing Power of Silence”

Three Crucial Caregiver Survivor Tips

March 29, 2017 marked the one year anniversary of the death of my father.  Last year at this time, I was caring for my mother who had been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease and was feeling exhausted in every way imaginable.  I could barely get my weakened body out of bed to begin another day of caregiving.  Continue reading “Three Crucial Caregiver Survivor Tips”

True Beauty

Everyday we are indoctrinated with messages of doom and gloom by social media.  The picture predominantly is bleak and hopeless.  There are many times I feel like packing up my family, including my husband, my mother suffering with Alzheimer’s and two fur-child’s to move to a sunny, beachy, yet simpler life.  I fantasize about sitting on a quiet beach, sellingContinue reading “True Beauty”