Welcome to the home of the Caregiver Spotlight.  I am so glad you have joined me and are interested in my walk as a caregiver.  I want to provide you with the insight I have gained by taking on this role at an early age.  This blog page is not to just share my experience with you, but rather to connect with you, by  providing steps in navigating the system, tips on talking with healthcare providers, REALISTIC ways to take care of yourself and some humor to lighten your day, even for just a moment in time. I also want to share stories of caregivers around this country and the amazing caregiver organizations that often go unnoticed and unrecognized.

I promise you are not alone and will identify with a lot of the stories, thoughts and ideas. Lets travel together as a community in supporting one another in our roles as caregivers.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” – Brene Brown







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The Caregiver Community: Healing or Hurting You?

I set my alarm this morning for 4:30am. in order to write this blog about the concept of community. I have been pondering my current “tribe”; the people around me providing support, encouragement, laughter and love.  It is my special community that has evolved around me that has sustained me as my mother’s caregiver. It has … Continue reading The Caregiver Community: Healing or Hurting You?

Spinning my Way to Healing; the Unexpected Gift to a Caregiver

In October 2016, I decided to do something different with my fitness.  I was a year in to riding my bike through neighborhoods and parks and had recently lost 30 pounds.  I thought as a caregiver, I needed to up my game and continue to grow in my health and wellbeing.  So what exactly did … Continue reading Spinning my Way to Healing; the Unexpected Gift to a Caregiver

Caregiver-You are Your Best Resource

I don’t know about you, but if I hear one more person or organization say to me, “make sure you take care of yourself”, “hang in there, you got this”, “pick yourself up and keep going”, “take time for yourself”, “accept help”, “keep your doctor appointments“, I’m truly going to scream at the top of my … Continue reading Caregiver-You are Your Best Resource

5 Tangible Things You Can Do for a Caregiver

This time of year can be very stressful for caregivers, whether its holiday parties, expectations of gift-giving, family meals, lonliness, preparing for guests or not preparing for guests.  No matter the caregiver scenario, there are three major obstacles that have to be dealt with and that is (1) time, (2) money, and (3) resources.   … Continue reading 5 Tangible Things You Can Do for a Caregiver

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